THE FAILURES OF ART HISTORY REVIEW “Telling the Difference” at The GETTY Part I
Aug 132010

Dear Friends of Verrocchio,

We have been hit hard by the economic down turn and harder still by the drop in the value of sterling. Tony Lyle has been helping us to jazz up our presence on the internet with a view to finding new customers there. Our very survival depends on its success.

To succeed we need interaction with our past customers by way of positive comments on the Centre, the place, the teaching, the friendly atmosphere, the food, anything that made the place special for you. Just a few words would suffice, such as you might write in a visitors’ book. These would boost our presence on the net enormously. INTERACTION is the key.

Another way to interact, for those with an intellectual curiosity, I have been blogging on such subject as Art History, Rembrandt, Vermeer, Brunelleschi, Verrocchio. I have presence on Youtube with 5 minute films on Serota, Verrocchio and Rembrandt scholarship generally.

The good news is that I am gradually gaining ground. I have been invited to speak on Rembrandt to the Dutch by an organization called PINC which has a very high profile with tv coverage etc. I am due to perform May17th, 2011. This could be the breakthrough after 37 years! You could help the cause by interaction.

We need your help.

Take this link to comment

on the Verrocchio Centre

on the blog

on Youtube

with very best wishes from Caro, Maurizio and Nigel



October 3 – 15th

You are cordially invited to participate in an exhibition of works by staff and students of The Verrocchio Arts Centre at –

The Hield Gallery, Ings Farm, nr. Harrogate, Yorkshire HG3 3QT.

The private view will be 3th Oct. 2010, 12 – 2pm. It will be a great opportunity for a reunion and publicity for The Centre.

The Staff included such illustrious names as Ben Brotherton, Oliver Bevan, David Carr, Jai Chaudhuri, Gus Cummings RA, Graham Giles, Julie Giles, David Gluck, Bella Green, Robin Holtom, Wynn Jones, Nigel Konstam, Leonard Macombe RA, Frances Mann, Sargy Mann, Clive Pates, Christopher Pincent, Terry Raybould, Caroline Seaward, Anne Shingleton, Vince Tutton, David Wentworth.

and mainly their students

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