Oct 112010

The Hield Gallery show was a great success socially and artistically,
there was a very good turn out and send in. Those of you who know Unity, would have been amazed by the efficiency of
her operation. She is the loving heart at the centre of a
team who run a “not for profit organization”: The Gallery,
the village of Bishop Monkton and Unity’s house and garden are quite a
dream of beauty and organization.

I fear that what little profit might have accrued from the
enormous effort they all put in, preparing for the
show, would have been eaten and drained away by the delicious snacks and
drinks they so generously provided for the private view.

There were 24 people sitting down to dinner at the pub the night before
and probably twice that number of Verrocchio students at the private
view. Including two from Iceland! It was a lovely occasion in spite of the rain. We had a very good time. A marquee had been erected in the courtyard which provided plenty of room for socializing.
It was sad that Unity’s gorgeous garden could not be visited by those
who came in the rain, I was fortunate enough to see it the day before: a miniature Capability Brown!

I would like to say a very big thank you to Unity and her team on behalf of all those who enjoyed
their hospitality. It was a great occasion.