Feb 082010

As predicted there are plenty of absurdities at the Getty exhibition of “Drawings by Rembrandt and his Pupils”, some you can now see on line. When I receive the catalog there will be more on this blog.

Here are some notes on the Getty website comparisons to help you sort out the mess:-

    1.    Lievens, was a fellow student with Rembrandt at Lastman’s atelier. When they set up studio together Lievens was the better draftsman.  Rembrandt learned more from Livens than from Lastman.  (That is probably why Rembrandt only stayed with Lastman 6 months.) Eventually Rembrandt surpassed Livens as a draftsman.  It is therefore misleading to include Lievens in this exhibition as he was not a student of Rembrandt’s.  I accept the Lievens Rembrandt judgement.  NK

    2.  Flink,  was a student of Rembrandt’s.  He was a fairly good draftsman and painter.  However,  his drawings are not similar to Rembrandt. Judgment accepted NK

    3.  Bol a pathetic student of mythological subjects  was unable to learn from the master in spite of brilliant lessons in drawing (see Hagar and the Angel – “One does not Know whether to Laugh or Cry”). see also “The Finding of Moses” & “Pomona”. Bol wisely specialized  in portraiture later.Both these drawings are clearly by Rembrandt;  look at the hands, feet and fur hat. Bol’s “brilliance” is always due to the recent robbery of Rembrandt’s portfolio by the “experts”. Judgment absurd, refuted NK

    4.   Landscapes – I do not comment on the landscapes.

    5.  Renesse was one of Rembrandt’s better students. Certainly a student NK

    6.  House on the Bullwark – I do not comment on the landscapes.

    7. Eeckhout, was a diligent student of Rembrandt’s.  accepted NK

    8.  Hoogstraten was a student of Rembrandts.  (I hope you will recognise  mundane version of the same set in a barn as in my movie of “The Adoration of the Shepherds)”. Judgement accepted NK

    9.  Raven may have been a student of Rembrnadt’s.  However, he had no drawings to his credit until experts discovered his name on the back of a Rembrandt drawing (presumably because he owned it).  It is a complete disgrace that Raven was ever considered the author of this drawing. Note that the model is again Hendrikje Stoffels. Is it likely that Raven and co get invited in to draw Rembrandt’s mistress? absurd, refuted NK

    10.  Unkown student -this drawing is clearly by Rembrnat absurd judgment NK

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