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We intend to update this page with details of who is planning to be at Verrocchio and when they plan to be there.  We hope to create an interactive page soon so that those considering coming can share plans and get to know each other before coming.   Do check over the next few days for updates.  We hope it will be a good mix of people so please don't think you have to be a professional aritst.  

In the meantime do start to connect on the Facebook page if you are interested in getting involved.  I have just now posted some details there of the new plans.  Send me a friend request (Hannah Toomer in a blue coat and scarf) and I can invite you to the group.


But for now, an idea of who is planning to be there in the coming year:


Nigel Konstam

Nigel Konstam, owner of the Art Centre, Resident Sculptor and Art History investigator is there year round available for sculpture tuition as well as offering his "Konstam Diploma"  with a dynamic mix of practical drawing, art and art history learning from the inspiration of artists such as Uccello, Holbein, Rembrandt and Poussin.


Jackie McRoberts

(Sculptor and former director of the Oratory Art Centre in London) from March 2021 staying for two years. 


My bond with the Centro started after reading an article about Nigel Konstam and the wonderful home and art school that he had created in a small village sitting in the beautiful Tuscan Hills and promised myself....one day! That day came four years later, and so my sister (Sylvie Boden - Artist) and I set off.....22 years on, we return every summer!

Having always leaned towards three dimension work, I wanted to experience carving in stone and did this over the years, after attending courses. I then became more and more involved with the daily life there, be it in the kitchen or around and about the Centro. I also spent two complete seasons working as a helper. When I wasn't in the kitchen, you would find me on the sculpting terrace under the watchful eye of Nigel, with other sculptors and artists. It is such a privilege to be welcome in Nigel's home and to be part of this creative environment he has created.

Experiencing Italian life is inevitable, there is always something going on in the village and many friendships have been made over the years. I will be returning hopefully in spring 2021 (travel permitting) to spend two years developing my sculpture and to continue to be part of this special community.  More photos of Jackie's work

Caro Seaward

Caro Seaward - painter lives in Casole with her family and has her studio at the Art Centre. 




Sylvie Boden

Sylvie Boden (Painter and TV producer/director) Planning to come over with her sister Jackie in as soon as possible in 2021.



I'm Sylvie Boden, a painter, and I have a long and wonderful history with Centro Verrocchio D'arte which I regard as my second home, but mostly spiritual home. My relationship with the Centro started over 20 years ago, when my sister ( Jackie McRoberts, a Sculptor,) decided that she would like to take a sculpting course with Nigel for her 40th birthday celebrations. As a long time painter I did not need to be persuaded to join Jackie in Casole and started a course with the extraordinary artist Vince Tutton.

Within days, in the unique village of Casole D'elsa, the seeds were sewn for a long relationship with the Centro; the building, imbued with art, history, creativity, kindness and above all the privilege of sharing the home and wisdom of Nigel Konstam.

Over many years, apart from painting, I also helped in the kitchen, and generally helped wherever I could between and during courses. I loved every minute of being 'chained' to the kitchen in the company of friends and the exceptional chef Loridana.

As my children grew older and independent so too my own independence grew and I was able to spend more time during summer in Casole, laterly 6 to 8 weeks at a time. I have considered it a privilege to be part of the Centro community so far and I'm looking forward to continuing it next year. I plan to visit in March/April, and also for July/August, and maybe with luck, even more!  More about Sylvie and her paintings...

Liz Gardner

Liz Gardner (Painter and 'enthusiastic learner') hoping to come once travel is allowed

Amanda Renske Mann

Amanda Renske Mann (Painter, masseuse and health practitioner from London)

Amanda arrived in September 2020 and due to lockdown has ended up staying a lot longer than she anticipated.  Returning to London in March after a very productive six months, painting in the studios as well as making great strides with the Italian language and keeping Nigel company through the winter.  



Keeping warm in the studios in January!


Amanda's reading matter at the bar with her cappuccino... very impressive!  

Julia Adams

Julia Adams (Painter and Teacher with special interest in Life Drawing) for September 2021.  For many years Julia has spent up to two months a year at Verrocchio working on her paintings and life drawings/paintings.  For the last several years she has run a very lively and stimulating Life Drawing Course at Verrocchio


Anna Gillespie

Anna Gillespie (Sculptor and Royal West Academician) Hoping to come when circumstances allow. 

Anna writes:  "My main thought about what I might do in Casole is to draw - although I’ll also bring wax with me with which to model.  I’m imagining I'll aim for some small, intimate and intricate pieces possibly involving ‘found’ objects from the surrounding area.  The idea would be to make a series of small pieces which one looks into.  I’ve got a new studio at the moment which is allowing me to make some bigger works, so it will be a nice contrast to work almost in miniature.  Practical too of course!! 
I’m attaching two images of the kind of combination of ‘found object’ modelled wax figure which I imagine enjoying working on and which you’d be very welcome to use as part of the sharing of plans.  I’m also interested in map like life drawing at the moment and have also attached an image of that which you can use if it helps.  Please do feel free to check my bio off my website.

Ideally I would drive down, to avoid flying but also to be more independent (and useful) once with you. It would also mean I could bring more materials out. In my ideal world I would share the car journey down with another couple of artists…. I would be very happy to cook on a communal rotating basis as long as I’m not cooking alone for more than 10, I’m also happy to take part in cleaning and shopping rotas, and to contribute costs to the project.

Anna is happy to be present in the sculpture studio for say 3 hours each morning to assist any less experienced sculptors who might like to ask for advice/teaching.

Debs Pearson

Debs Pearson (Life Model) may well travel over with Anna Gillespie when she comes.

Bella Green

Bella Green (Painter, Jewelery Maker, Polymer Clay Artist, Tutor) for whole of September 2021. Bella has taught at Verrocchio.  In 2021 she will be doing her own painting as well as being very happy to tutor.  Online course info here.

bella still life


Margaret Barton and Carol Mellors are planning to stay for the month of September 2021.



A number of others are hoping to come.  I am awaiting permission to mention them on the web site.  Do get in touch if you'd like to be included here even if your ideas /dates are as yet vague. 

Hoping to come some time in 2021:

Tehmina Niazi (Painter from Pakistan based in Zurich), Victoria Scudamore (painter, Vancouver BC)

ASTRID SIGURÐARDÓTTIR, Icelandic Sculptor, 14 - 28 August.  Confirmed.  


Jackie Conradi-Robertson - Hoping to come in the summer - Covid-permitting etc. 




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