Various Massages and Exercise Sessions can be arranged

Various Massages

Lasts 50 min.

Running and Footing

from 45 minute to 1 hour and ½ of trail running or footing through the charming countryside around Casole d’Elsa.

Alessandro Nardomarino

is a shiatsu operator since 1999 and Postural Pilates teacher.

He attended courses in craniosacral balancing. He's operator Reiki II level.

The years of practical, technical and theoretical knowledge acquired over time led him develop a personal massage style. He loves running, dancing, singing and living.

Doc. Loredana Leonforte

Degree in Pharmacy and specializes in herbal medicine and natural medicine.

Integrated Reflexology and massage "I was always interested in anything that increases wellbeing."


I take € 40 if called for a massage and 35 € for two or more massages .

I take:

€ 40 for individual Pilates lessons

€ 25 from each if there are 2 persons

€ 20 for 3 persons

€ 15 from 4 persons upwards

I take:

€ 30 for individual Running or Footing session

€ 20 from 2 persons upwards