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Come learn photography and experience “the real” Tuscany by living, eating, and studying at the Verrochio Art Centre in the beautiful hilltop village of Casole d’Elsa, located between Florence and Siena. Taught by Bruce White, one of the world's most famous photographers of ancient artifacts, architecture and art and David Swerdlow, who has been photographing the beauty and light of Tuscany for 20 years, this one week course for beginner to advanced photographers will consist of field trips, didactic lessons, hands-on digital processing, and group critiques. Twice a day, in the early morning and late afternoon, instructor-led small-group photo safaris will take you to many of the wonderful sites in Tuscany to take landscape and architectural images, as well as scenes of village and city life.


In between, didactic sessions will be held on a variety of topics including elements of composition, intricacies of lighting, and how to make the best use of your equipment. We will focus on how to take an image from the camera to the gallery wall- how to process (Photoshop) digital images, mastering printing and color management, how to mat and frame, and how to develop a portfolio that tells a story through images. Each afternoon the group will critique works taken during the field trips to reinforce proper technique and stress lessons from the didactic sessions. As a special once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, through a special relationship with the town’s Etruscan Museum (Civic Archeological and Collegiate Church Museum), you will have the option to spend a session learning from Bruce White how to take photographs of actual Etruscan artifacts in the museum’s photo studio, while also experiencing a behind-the-scenes tour of the museum and the attached 11th Century Church.


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bruce m whiteBruce White may literally be the world's most famous photographer of ancient artifacts, architecture, and art.  He travels to far flung corners of the world, commissioned by leading cultural institutions to photograph works of art and architecture in palaces, ancient sites and museums to illustrate books and exhibitions. His clients include the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C., the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, The Getty Museum in Los Angeles, and is the photographer of the historic collections and architecture of the White House in Washington D.C. He has worked in numerous museums worldwide, and extensively in Italy including Florence, Rome, Venice, Naples, Sardinia and Sicily.  His photographs illustrate hundreds of books, many of which have won prestigious awards. Bruce has also written articles about the history of photography in America and has lectured about various aspects of his work. His website is

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davidswerdlowDavid Swerdlow

has been photographing Tuscany for 20 years; his photographs of Tuscany have been published in magazines including Wine Spectator, Petersen’s Photographic, The New England Journal of Medicine and an Italian Ministry of Health newsletter. He has had over 30 exhibitions in Atlanta and in Casole d’Elsa- including several exhibitions at the Casole Comune (town hall) and he has been represented by seven galleries in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Tuscany. He, and a colleague, Giuliano Stoppo, photographed a collection of Etruscan artifacts for a book that was published by the Casole d’Elsa Museum (Civic Archeological and Collegiate Church Museum). His photographs are also featured at the Pro Loco website for Casole d’Elsa and TuscanHome 101. David worked for the US Centers for Disease Control for 25 years and he has extensive teaching experience including as an adjunct professor at Emory University for over a decade where he was the lead course instructor for several graduate-level epidemiology courses. His website is and his book is available at “Images of Tuscany: Color and Light

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