Untutored Space for Independent Artists

painting in the sc st3Owing to the popularity of the Untutored Workshop we have recognised that there are those artists who  enjoy the benefits of a painting or sculpture holiday but don't want to be part of a tutored course. Time to paint or sculpt in the beautiful surroundings of Tuscany and the Art Centre while just getting on with your own projects without being part of a course.  You can enjoy the creative environment of the Art Centre,  enjoy Loredana's wonderful dinners of an evening and the company of other artists around you. 

We usually schedule an untutored workshop each year at the end of July.  However for those wishing to come untutored at other times while we have courses running upstairs in the painting studios we have decided to create some studio space down in the sculpture studios that would work equally well for painters.  When the weather is uninterrupted sunshine and dry (usually July and August) the outdoor sculpture terrace  works well or at other times of the season (May, June, Sept, Oct) we have cleared various indoor spots in the sculpture studios.  Though of course it is mostly sunny in those months as well if you prefer to work outside and just have somewhere to retreat to indoors from time to time.  See below for pictures of the various places.

Plein Air artists can have a studio base in which to develop paintings begun outdoors in the stunning surroundings of the Tuscan hills or the scenic village.  Or those who just enjoy a quiet spot to work undisturbed can settle down here and enjoy. 

Dates can be arranged to coincide with the dates of the painting courses (See programme) so that you can avail of the Pisa transfers and the meals alongside those taking part in the courses.  Please contact Hannah by email or phone to discuss dates and availability of rooms.  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call (+44) (0)117 3304973.   Please note - untutored spaces may not be available during some courses especially if  guest sculpture and painting tutors are working concurrently.  

Prices:  Say for example you choose to come during a particular course just click on that course for the prices relating to those dates and you pay just the room price (and not the tuition obviously).  Room price usually is inclusive of Pisa transfers, breakfasts each morning and evening meal on all but one night of the stay. Prices vary depending on room choice and length of stay. 

Exhibition:  On the last evening of all our courses is an exhibition during which artists display their work while enjoying  a glass of wine.  The group tutor will 'curate' this, so including your work can be  arranged with the tutor alongside the group's work.  

sc terrace window3 painting in the sc st4
Outdoor sculpture terrace under the vines suitable for either painters or sculptors Painting in the sculpture studio by the window Painting in the sculpture studio by the door to the terrace and swimming pool
swshowerpool sculpture studiogatessylviespot
The now dissused Roman Pool area can also be used as a small studio. Semi-covered area by the gates to the sculpture terrace

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