Vince Tutton Retrospective July 2017



Vince died in 2016 but was one of our most popular teachers here at the Verrocchio Arts Centre for over 30 years. 

Here is Nigel's review of the retrospective organised by the Casole Commune with Irene Tutton Vince's widow and Jayne Zito, Vince's daughter and with the help of Martin Grimshaw in July 2017.

(Casole d'Elsa, till 28th July) Review I was most struck by Vince Tuton's  recent colour-field paintings. I had been aware of them for some years but seeing them framed and arranged according to his specific instructions was a new experience. They are all the same domestic size (double A4, first conceived in an open notebook of that size together with an elaborate text for each). They were all framed in a simple, heavy, black-stained wooden frame 3ins wide and exhibited six at a time, regimented vertically 2X3. Each painting seemed to shine with its own inner light: pigment had become light!I had experienced that transformation before in front of some of Vermeer's paintings and one or two Rothkos but never before from the large number of paintings exhibited here. Vince in life was a keen disciple of Rothko but he seems to have found that magic on a small scale and persistently.  It seems to be a phenomenon that all should witness, if not here in Casole there will be another chance in the Paolozzi Gallery part of the Oratory School, South Kensington sometime within the next six months. The exhibition well deserves to be sponsored  by the Arts Council and exhibited round the country which is unlikely to have heard of Vince Tuton before, except as a teacher.

Photos from the Exhibition can be seen here:  The Italian Job (password is tuscany)

Jayne Zito and Nigel's speeches at the exhibition opening

Exhibition poster




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