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This page is dedicated to the many talented artists and tutors who either visit Verrocchio regularly to participate in or tutor courses and workshops or those who have done so in the past. The listing is in alphabetical order and arranged by the course that the artist is most associated with at Verrocchio. If you would like to have your web site added to the list please do get in touch with me at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Our aim is to foster a sense of community among aritsts associated with the Verrocchio Art Centre. Please do also let us know about your upcoming exhibitions or news that we can include here as well.

jackie jamieson travelogue 2020 


Much loved tutor, Vince Tutton's upcoming exhibition in Cornwall UK.


Verrocchio August Workshop Artists
Vince Tutton


Julia Adams Artist and art teacher julia_adams
Laura Cramer Laura Cramer lives and works in Bristol as a full time painter. She is best known locally for her colourful semi abstract cityscapes. florence_in_the_snow_laura_cramer
Margaret Crutchley Margaret is a memeber of the North London Artists Group and paints mostly portraits and landscapes in oil.  She first visited Verrocchio in Spring, 2014 crutchley_tuscan dawn
Lynne Cunningham

Lynne is a member of the Bath Artist Printmakers

Lynne Cunningham
Stewart Ganley London based Artist and Illustrator stewart ganley across the valley
Trixxxie Godesen Self taught sculptor
Jackie Jamieson Exhibition flyer jackiejamieson
Ruth Lewis News: Exhibition
Martin Smith sculptor martinsmith
Other Friends of Verrocchio
Ian Milner Artist, Sculptor and Author
Clive Patterson

currently showing at the Espacio gallery, London 23 - 28 Oct with Cary and Margaret a number of paintings that developed from our time at Verrocchio and might well be of interest to any fellow friends

Verrocchio Tutors
Andrea Borsuk
Peter Cronin boatspc
Bella Green bellagart2
Liz Hough liz_art
Carolyn King carolyn_lempns
Nigel Konstam, founder of the Verrocchio Art Centre

Konstam's Blog

Greek Bronze Casting Techniques

Gary Long gary_casole

Painting Courses

More Painting Courses

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