Q.  Why is there a Centre Fee for non-residents?

A.  We introduced the Centre Fee in recent years as it was deemed necessary for all those taking courses at the centre to contribute to the cost of running of the centre.  As the tuition fee goes almost entirely to the tutor, or St Ives School in the case of a St Ives course,  and the cost of meals taken at the centre more or less just covers the cost of the food and the staff to prepare it, it was found that all the burden of the running costs were falling on those staying in the Centre / Annex accommodation.  There are multiple running and maintenance costs going into tens of thousands of Euros each year for which the Centre Fee is raised so that a proportional contribution is made by non-residents taking courses at the Centre.  

A proportion of this fee is for the membership of the Association. The Centro is designated in Italy as a "Cultural Association".  To be included in the public liability insurance of the Centro all those attending courses must become members.  This is a legal requirement.  Any person eating more than one meal at the Centre, even if they are not taking a course,  would need to be a member in order to be covered by the public liability insurance in case anything should happen to them while on the premises.  

Q.  Can I bring my dog?

A.  Our policy regarding dogs:

We will welcome service dogs (ie. dogs trained to do specific jobs for a person with a disability) and we allow emotional support dogs under certain circumstances.  We need to be warned in advance.

  • such dogs must be well controlled and on a leash at all times.
  • during meal times they must be tethered and out of the way of tables and thoroughfares.  The same applies in the studios and in all the common areas.
  • absolutely no access to the main kitchen
  • dogs must not be allowed on the beds or be groomed in the bedrooms
  • dogs must be clean and flea-free
  • please be considerate of other guests as not everyone likes dogs

Q.  Why are transfers not included for the Choral Singing Course and the Art and Yoga course?

A.  The reason that transfers are not included in these courses is that they tend to attract a very international group who may be arriving at a variety of airports, train stations or by car, so it is not possible to make arrangements to include everyone.

Q.  Why is the pick up time from Pisa Airport not til 16.30 when my flight gets in much earlier?

A.  This is to allow as many of the group as possible time to reach the airport by the pick up time.  We don't usually know what time the whole group will be arriving until quite close to the start of the course because of late bookings.  On some occasions if the whole group will be there earlier than 16.30 we can arrange an earlier pick up.  This is not always possible though as the staff at the Centre need time to tidy and clean between groups and, not least, take a well earned rest to recharge their batteries so they can take good care of your group! 

Q.  What can I do at Pisa if I have a few hours to fill?

A.  There is a left luggage facility at Pisa Airport so you can leave your bags and explore Pisa and environs.  There is much more to Pisa than just the Leaning Tower!  Our guests have found that long lunches by the sea and the many less famous attractions of Pisa mean they can have a very pleasant time there.  If you are travelling alone and would prefer company, we can connect you with a fellow guest arriving at a similar time who can enjoy the experience with you.


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