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Having run art holidays for 38 years we are planning to adapt to the new context of the pandemic for the next phase by moving towards a smaller but more permanent clientele. We have in mind a fluctuating community of artists - hopefully of a reasonably like-minded and tolerant disposition to be able to share space, expenses and ideas; living together harmoniously. A group of up to 6 people seems possible depending on the activity of each. We would meet together for regular meals and discussion.


We have available here in the heart of Tuscany three large painting studios, a large sculpture studio and an art library and lecture theatre, all of which are heatable in winter. Several en suite rooms and apartments. There is a wide terrace with splendid views suitable for eating out and painting etc.  Prices/Rent details here.  There will be some options available for work in exchange for rent.

The hilltop village of Casole d’Elsa (centre 150m away) can provide a variety of restaurants and bars serving food, plus all the normal shops and services expected in a small, fairly sophisticated, hilltop village of under 1000 inhabitants, which has proudly named itself “The City of Art”. The surrounding landscape is beautiful and accessible - farms, vineyards, olive groves and woods with endless tracks for walking.

We are hoping for paying adult artists in residence, students of art or art history and anyone else interested in the arts, ideally for a minimum of 3 weeks and maybe for a couple of years. Each with their own work space according to post-virus legislation.


We are envisaging a community of experienced artists as well as enthusiastic learners so that learning would be atelier style in general with some more focused tuition available. Several of our regular painting tutors will be spending a month or more with us in 2021 as well as sculptor and Academician Anna Gillespie. See web site for updates. Nigel will offer "A Practical Art History", awarding a Konstam diploma, minimum stay 1 month, based entirely on drawings (no written exams.) We will study the methods of Uccello, Holbein Rembrandt and Poussin.  Tuition can be arrange direct with the tutor.  See "Who and When" page to help you plan your stay.  


Contact Hannah +447981700396 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Individual or group tuition to be negotiated and paid for separately.  

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